Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Nobody Give You Happiness

Waktu nulis ini, aku baru habis nonton Coco untuk kedua kalinya, and then i suddenly thought things like happiness (there's no connection between that, lol just popped out of my mind)

What if nobody give you real happiness? Pernah gak kamu kepikiran hal itu? No one don't give a shit about your happiness? Sounds so edgy, and so sinetron rite...
But there's a lot of people thinks like that, it's like their own mindset. (and the culprit goes to many things such as, sinetron, drama, dll) lalu muncul titel, "Drama Queen/King"

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Jakarta Timur Vintage Coffee Shop : Torry Coffee

It's been weeks since i met my beloved friends, and we decided to meet up in one of their places. Before i went, me and my bff decided to visit some fancy cafe nearby, and i finally got to know Torry Coffee from Go-Food exploring.

Sunday, July 23, 2017


Hi, di post sebelumnya aku sedikit menulis tentang kulitku yang bermasalah akhir-akhir ini (which is sebenernya udah dari dulu cuman sekarang lagi kumat parahnya) yaitu Jerawat, Kasar, dan Kusam.

Jerawat itu udah jadi musuh besar aku sejak SMA, dan aku masih harus berperang sama jerawat sampai sekarang, karena jerawatku ini hormonal dan kulitku sangat sangat sangaaatt berminyak! (bayangin baru setengah jam cuci muka, lalu mukamu langsung kilap-kilap lagi karena minyakan)

KULITKU BERMASALAH !! REVIEW : Pinklab.Co Dead Sea Mud Mask (Fave!)

Hai teman-teman! Hari ini aku mau review masker terbaruku yang baru aja beberapa hari yang lalu aku beli, dan ini bagusss parah !! Jadi sebelum ini sekitar bulan lalu aku sebenernya udah pernah tester pas nginep dirumah temanku si Lady Ciel World (you can check her blog here : http://www.ladycielworld.com/ ) dan aku suka banget sama efeknya, singkat cerita... aku lupa beli masker itu SAMPAI ...

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

REVIEW : Missha First Treatment Essence - My New Baby

Yahoooo~ finally i got new skincare which is pretty affordable and good for me, and here it is Missha First Treatment Essence -Time Revolution ! This is my first bottle, and i've been using it about 3 weeks ago so i can confidently write my review about this <3

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bekasi Feast - 3Cooks

It's February 2017 and i want to say Gong Xi Fa Chai everyone. Yesterday, i had dinner with my brother at one of the most new cafe in the town : 3Cooks. For your information, i've already lived in Bekasi and there's rarely cute cafes around my area, and i'm excited to know Bekasi already have progress in their development, it means there'll be probably more cute cafes arriving in this city. Yeay !