Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Love Egg to the Moon !

back to the foodies again ~
my mid-exam is still on going and it's two more before it's clear
(oh wait there's assignment waiting after exam, so exhausting T_T )
how to get rid of those annoying feeling??

yes ...
LOT !!

loll . anyway here's review about Egg Plater from Pizza Hut
anyone who doesn't know Pizza Hut?
maybe i'll review Pizza Hut next time, but i'm sure you guys have come there, there's a lot Pizza Hut restaurant, especially here in Jakarta

so i think i'm going to study for my final exam (yes final exam for my 5th semester) at my place, but then my bf suddenly asked me to accompany him and have breakfast at Pizza Hut Taman Solo Cempaka Putih since there's Morning Breakfast Menu from 7am-10am
and i joined him *q*
i haven't get a chance to try out this so this is the first time in forever for me


AHEM . so this is mine and it is called Beetato Omelette Platter
yes it's beef and potato and subjectively, beef and potato were my favorite so i choose this among others menu

in this egg platter, the beef and potato is wrapped with soft omellete with grated cheese on top of it
and it's really deliciouss ! its too bad that the omellete couldn't any bigger, i want MOAARR !
oh yes and those bread, i think those bread were like a bagel but it wasn't . it is soft and smooth bread with maple syrup :9 . i love it !
i want to revisit Pizza Hut for this breakfast again :3

aanndd this is my bf one . it's regular egg platter but looks so elegant, it's like a breakfast from the northern kingdom //NO
i love how they arrange it beautifully :3
and for the taste, it really as lovely as it looks !
but i didn't have any chance to try out the sausages because he dig it in by himself >:( grrr

for the egg it is delicious and smooth, but i wish it half-done because i know it will be more delicious that way kkk~

this is the new menu for Pizza Hut Morning Breakfast called Tuna Toast
for whatt this is so yummy !!!
i love the arrangement which is top tomatoed make this menu looks more delicious and beautiful :3
the tuna goes well with bread !
not exactly like Tuna Melt Pizza, but this is different sensation lol :3
very recommended guys !

this is called CheesEgg Calliza
sorry no picture for what inside it
T_T too hungry too capture it so we just dig it in like crazy
well it means this menu sure delicious right :p
as the name, it contain cheese and egg ...
well with other sauteed vegetables .
such as carrot, paprika, etc.
yummm soo yummyy ~

i would like to say this is very recommended for you guys who love western food especially egg :p
fyi, egg is my savior when there's no food at all,  and hungry like crazy . i would like to cook some bullseye egg or omellete ~

after i dig all of it, i continued to study my exam T___T
yes the meals were absolutely nice, but the study didn't