Friday, December 27, 2013

Those Herbal Medicine ! AMG

Yeay hello everyone . this annoying girl . well .. *sigh* *ahem* is come back !

This time i'm gonna share about a medicine that i desperately searching for, but then the fact is that medicine is near around me is just make me feel happy and at the same time .. dumb ...

So basically, i got a problem with my skin which is "scars-that-won't-just-disappear" . i don't know anymore what medicine i should take, because going to a beauty doctor will cost me so much money and i just haven't employed because i'm still studying at college .

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Say Hello To The World

greeting everyone !

my name is Ratna Xiu, you can call me xiu or xion, it's my pen name .
i'll write my opinion about everything and i'll post it here, so if you have something in common then i'll be very grateful if you comment and recommend me something, i'll give my review about that .

so i'll tell you about my interest


basically, i'm interested in drawing which is my hobby since i'm at kindergarten, i love anything about art especially landscape, anime, and manga.


after i went to high school, i kinda started and fell in love with dancing and music, genre that i like are Pop, RnB, J-Pop, K-Pop, i'm covering some song and dance but i don't record it because my voice is ... oh well whatever, and for dance, no one can help me to record it, since i couldn't record it by myself . but oh well..