Thursday, October 8, 2015

Review : Miracle Island All-In-One Gel

This pic i took from google so you can see its real color
sooo, recently i bought this soothing and moisturizing product called Miracle Island Ice Plant Water 95% All-In-One Gel . ah really it's a very long name . lets just called it Miracle Island Gel :3

The main reason i bought this product is because i need a moisturizing product for my face (and also the packaging is cute ah ._.) i bought this at Copia . you can find the store in Grand Indonesia and Grand Galaxy Park (for more outlet store you can check here at

Copia is selling like so many brands from another country such as Korea (most of), Thailand, Japan . They're OPI seller too ! you can find your OPI nailcare in COPIA

okay stahp// let's back to Miracle Island Gel

I bought the Ice Plant Water because it said that it soothe acne prone skin + irritation and minimizing pore, it also cleanse your skin .

It priced 180k . a bit pricey, but since it's imported, i guess it's an okay.

This is my Miracle Island (i've used it about 2-3 weeks i guess) and i just use it on my face

The details written in Korean

This is the gel, it's smooth and soft

the gel is very easily turned into water, and it quickly absorbed to the skin
when i put it in the face, it's like you just washed your face

BUT, the next day when you wake up, you will find your face kind of bouncy and heavenly soft !
try it in a week and your skin will turn so soft (and i tend to touch my face more now..)


(+) Absorb easily, and you won't find your skin greasy
(+) It really helps to maintain your oily skin for only 2-3 hours?
(+) Cool feeling
(+) Nice Packaging
(+) Nice Aroma

(-) A bit pricey for a face lotion which contain water up to 95% //slap
(-) The Packaging easily broken, be careful !!
(-) Haven't experienced the minimizing pore, nor the soothing acne action

REPURCHASE? Maybe . i will try Himalaya Lotion next time, if it doesn't work, maybe i will repurchase this HAHAHA



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