Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend Review : KOPI OEY

hellaw dear ladies and gentleman readers ~ sorry for not posting anything since September, i guess?
it's actually my 7th semester and i'm doing my thesis right now . actually it's a business plan yeah, final assignment

and dunno my activities keep me out from blogging so yeah ... here my review again about KOPI OEY!
(yeah i know it's not weekend but weekend is busy time so ..)

do you guys already tried out Kopi Oey, well it's naturally a Kopi Tiam. i mean, if you looked at some Kopi Tiam in Mall or restaurant, it's must be in a very fine restaurant in common people.
for Kopi Oey it's different.
what differs it is the Interior and the choice of language in the menu, it's unique, cause it's adopt the real conventional kopi tiam.