Friday, April 25, 2014

Make Up Class by Victoria Make Up Atelier !

today i wanna share you about makeup instead of just food lol
i'm a fans of makeup and fashion too, but i think i love makeup more than fashion
(or maybe love food more...)

so my older sister bought 2 voucher from
and then we go there last week
it located at Ruko Puri Botanical Junction Blok H9 No.8,Meruya Selatan, Jakarta, Indonesia 11510

well, it's a bit far from our place o.o

the exterior is so much like a Ruko (shop and house merged), and it's raining that day so i couldn't take the picture of the building :( 
so just check the interior out

without effect

with effect lol . i turn my camera white balance to tungsten and then the result looks like i'm in a film studio or what lol 

cutee interiorr !

the brushes and etc . makeup tools

i forgot to take a picture of before makeup and the WIP's T_T
but it turned pretty good .

this is the picture i take from google, it's their portofolio

and for the result of us !

well we got traffic anyway :p

bonuses :

me and my friend also playing with makeup the day i stayed at her house.

lolll happy time always with her ~
this beautiful creature is my bestie since college lol
waiting for the day we hang out again :* !


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