Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Review : QQ Kopitiam, Gading Walk ~

yay guys finally i'm going to work my blog again
it's been a busy weeks and i just didn't get enough of time to breathe from my assignment
and here i am breathe again :p
and today what i'm going to review is QQ Kopitiam

well this is the interior design, what i love most from the interior is, it is so classic !!
it really looks like original kopitiam, with the touch of modern cafe :9

say hello to Tom Yum soup . well actually for this Tom Yum i order, i just want to say this wasn't close to Tom Yum soup, i've been a tom yum fans since last visit to Thailand, and i'm a little bit disappointed :(
the soup was too thick for Tom Yum class, and the spices didn't match
but if i don't compare it to a Tom Yum, it is pretty good !
it taste more like tomato soup, worth to try, but if you desire for a real Tom Yum, this is not the answer hahaha

(lol there's trips brochure there) this is called a thai tea (or teh tarik)
the glass is so cute i wanna have this glass in my house, for my own !
will search it later lol
anyway the taste is good too, classic teh tarik i could say :9

you might know this? this is Nasi Goreng Seafood lar
Fried Rice is common dish right?
but i've read about Indonesia's Nasi Goreng are very welcomed by our tourist
(and our K-Idol, Wonder Girls, Eru, Lee Min Ho, Super Junior)
(*nb : Lee Min Ho ate 3 plate of Nasi Goreng at once, because it tasted so good he say, proud of it Indonesia-ers !)
they love our Nasi Goreng so much hahaha

This nasi goreng by QQ Kopitiam isn't that bad too ! it's tastyy and UMAMI :p
it is worth to try !

yeah this is the last of our order, and what i want to say that,
this is so yummy !! wish i could make it by myself at home
this is Butter Sari Kaya Toast
at first, i said to my bf, why you order this la, we can make it at home by ourself
and he say, you must try it first
and then, the taste is ..
The butter melting and it blend so perfectly to the Sari Kaya, and the toast itself is so puffy, it wasn't hard as the look :p
this is very recommended although the price is a bit expensive for a toast
but i worth to try ~

will post again asap !

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  1. Hihi takpapa kok kak ^^
    Me love QQ kopitiam too, sering bgt order milo dinosaurnya mereka ^^


  2. Маргарита РафинадApril 22, 2014 at 10:47 AM

    Looks yummy! I love your blog!

    May be you'd like following each other? Let me know:)

    Maggie from


  3. I do really love Tomyam. And mostly the most recommended from me is at Ambassador. So delicious. Nice post! Anyway, i did follow you. Follow me back, okay? Thank you ^ ^

  4. wooow! you have a great blog! I love it !!!!

    and you, you are so pretty!!!! so jummie productcs!! :))))

    I wanna to ask you how about follow each other? Let me know, please. I always follow back so don`t worry :)

    have a nice day sweety!

    xoxo from Spain


  5. yeah let's follow each other :3
    thankk youuu ~

  6. woo sepertinya enak . nnti boleh dicoba milonya wkkwkw


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