Monday, January 20, 2014

Art? Who Hate Them?

Hellaaww everyoneee :D
With disappointment, i have to say that my exam really was postponed until dunno when because this flood and rain overload..
 I will just pray that it will be stop because... who love FLOOD anyway???? troublesome .. lol

Anyway here I am to tell you about art, since i think makeup is one of them, remember the one expert in makeup, called Makeup Artist, right?
I believe this world itself is art created by God, and human who that live here creating art in this world

Who hate art anyway? If there's someone hate art, they have no life. Business is art, so was Fashion, Art of Socializing, etc .

About me, i just drowned into the art of makeup just about 1-2 years ago, i didn't know i will love this, all i know about art is drawing and dancing (had covered some k-pop dance, lol)

Let me just post something about my drawings even though i think my drawing isn't great or good, but i enjoy myself drowned by the ecstasy of making it :3

Saturday, January 18, 2014

An Experiment

Hellow, i'm going to post about my activity recently .
So i just get bored and there was nothing i want to do, and then suddenly an idea popped out my head !
i should learn to do makeups :3

and then i played played that night with my makeup tools, BUT i don't wear mascara nor fake lashes so it turns out like i wasn't put any makeup T_T

Flood Everywhere !

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog blog blog, thank you for staying tuned . ahem .
Sorry for no post recently because i got so many things happened in this month .

so many things? yeah .. well i couldn't say this is so many, maybe i'm just a lazy ass #plak #forgetit

so recently, the time i post my last post, is about 4 days before exam, so NOW i'm working on my exam . and because it's weekend, i'm going to post something, yeaaaaahhhh

Friday, January 3, 2014


So, I bought this a while ago, on December 2013 before I started this blog, so now I got time to write, and I will write about my review about my The Face Shop nail polish .

Actually, I’m not a nail polish lover, but it’s just cute to have some and the color of nail polish is the one that I like plus if the color suits my skin, I bought it only IDR 35.000 . quite cheap for The Face Shop product, and it’s the cheapest one, other nail polish were ranged > 66.000 *wtf*



 It’s kinda classic to say how public say “Every girl is beautiful”, but then when suddenly a girl who didn’t wear make ups, lack of skin treatment, shows up and then public judge her ugly . well then there’s no such “every girl is beautiful”, just stop that kind of bullshit !!

But for me, I believe that every girl is beautiful, we talk about physical appearance of course. It’s just how you treat them right and care about yourself. Have you see those Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese or even Korean girls transform themselves? Exactly . it is not about natural beauty or something, F out that natural beauty it’s 10000:1 lol .

If you judge girl like “she’s wearing makeups, she isn’t beauty if she didn’t wear makeups” . I’ll assume you envy against that girl. What’s wrong with makeups anyway? Lying to the world? What if she’s really ugly and have no confidence at all? What if she must wear make ups everyday to maintain those confidence?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome New Year 2014 - The 2013 Report Activity~

Yeah we're finally going through the 2013 !

First of all, Happy New Year 2014 for those who celebrate it .. ahem .. for those who read my blog i mean . i guess i will write about what the highlight of my journey on 2013 !


Well, since i broke my last one, about long time ago, finally i bought the new one yay ! and about couple month it broke again, and i was so sad, it's IDR 550.000 (about $45) and it's broke just like that, what the F.. and it broke just when i decided to be productive in December 2013, oh well ...
so maybe i will go to buy new one, but i won't buy the same brand again, not anymore . huh !


I love to hang around with them so much, they're Silvi, Acha, Tommy, Kelvin Louw, and Wikky . they mean so much to me, we're still hanging out, even though our college place separated and it's only me and Acha who goes to same college (additional info, our houses were separated so far too *sigh*) not to mention Kelvin Louw who is faaarr faaaarrr away from us, since he got to go a college in Malaysia, and then there since we're at our days off from college, aaannd Louw came back home, we decided to have a hang out schedule together !

from left to right : Wikky, Acha, Me and Silvi

Besties pose, since we always insult each other with "dog", so we posed like a dog LOL #slapped