Saturday, January 18, 2014

Flood Everywhere !

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog blog blog, thank you for staying tuned . ahem .
Sorry for no post recently because i got so many things happened in this month .

so many things? yeah .. well i couldn't say this is so many, maybe i'm just a lazy ass #plak #forgetit

so recently, the time i post my last post, is about 4 days before exam, so NOW i'm working on my exam . and because it's weekend, i'm going to post something, yeaaaaahhhh

and GUESS WHAT this month, rain is overwhelming this city, Jakarta, Indonesia, and then that refer to Flood everywhere !! and my friends exam got postponed because of this disaster (i just hope next monday won't be postponed again T_T because that would be my exam )

noooooooo !!!

well in this picture, the flood isn't too deep, but in Kelapa Gading area, it is 80cm deep, just read the news tho-- we can swim in the Kelapa Gading river for free loooll .

how bout you guys, did you guys get flood too? T_T


  1. Replies
    1. yaapp :3 did your place get flood? i hope you're not T_T flood is troublesome
      anyway, mind to follow each other? :3


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