Monday, January 20, 2014

Art? Who Hate Them?

Hellaaww everyoneee :D
With disappointment, i have to say that my exam really was postponed until dunno when because this flood and rain overload..
 I will just pray that it will be stop because... who love FLOOD anyway???? troublesome .. lol

Anyway here I am to tell you about art, since i think makeup is one of them, remember the one expert in makeup, called Makeup Artist, right?
I believe this world itself is art created by God, and human who that live here creating art in this world

Who hate art anyway? If there's someone hate art, they have no life. Business is art, so was Fashion, Art of Socializing, etc .

About me, i just drowned into the art of makeup just about 1-2 years ago, i didn't know i will love this, all i know about art is drawing and dancing (had covered some k-pop dance, lol)

Let me just post something about my drawings even though i think my drawing isn't great or good, but i enjoy myself drowned by the ecstasy of making it :3

made fanart of yoon shi yoon . Baker King Kim Tak Goo lol

Yuna from FFX


little practicing for landscape (below too)

another fanart of Magi, 

try make a sweet scene but ended a bit awkward lol


more you can check in my deviantart 

that's for now, anyway what is your perspective of art?
you can leave comment below :3