Friday, January 3, 2014


 It’s kinda classic to say how public say “Every girl is beautiful”, but then when suddenly a girl who didn’t wear make ups, lack of skin treatment, shows up and then public judge her ugly . well then there’s no such “every girl is beautiful”, just stop that kind of bullshit !!

But for me, I believe that every girl is beautiful, we talk about physical appearance of course. It’s just how you treat them right and care about yourself. Have you see those Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese or even Korean girls transform themselves? Exactly . it is not about natural beauty or something, F out that natural beauty it’s 10000:1 lol .

If you judge girl like “she’s wearing makeups, she isn’t beauty if she didn’t wear makeups” . I’ll assume you envy against that girl. What’s wrong with makeups anyway? Lying to the world? What if she’s really ugly and have no confidence at all? What if she must wear make ups everyday to maintain those confidence?

I really admire Elaine Mokk. she’s trying to help girl that maybe have the same condition as her. she’s sharing about her acne problem and she’s so open. She even made the make-up tutorial for covering those acnes. You can check her youtube vids here

elaine mokk

If you feel no confidence by your appearance, just put those make up, and no judging people ugly. Remember that makeup is for making you up, not making you down. Because every girl wants to be beautiful, don’t you think so?

2ne1 after and before makeup


Pricey?  Yes yes, beauty is pricey and pain . I experienced that too. I must wear those braces on my teeth for 2 years and it is very pricey, and I’m suffering every time I controlled my braces to the dentist. Couldn’t eat anything for days before the pain gone LOL, and those pricey makeups you got to purchase, if you buy cheap make-ups it’ll harm your face . WTF SO MANY GIRL PROBLEMS HAHAHA #slapped

And I think because it is pricey aandd shopping is mostly girl’s hobbies, many girls became consumptive, and they’ll do anything to satisfy their wants,so there’s so much prostitution every where.
Anyway, the most important is be proud of yourself, girl is beautiful when they got confidence in themselves, despite from you must take care of yourself (BUT TAKE CARE YOURSELF IS A MUST >:( !!! )

How about you? What do you think about the definition of “beautiful” ?

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