Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend Review : KOPI OEY

hellaw dear ladies and gentleman readers ~ sorry for not posting anything since September, i guess?
it's actually my 7th semester and i'm doing my thesis right now . actually it's a business plan yeah, final assignment

and dunno my activities keep me out from blogging so yeah ... here my review again about KOPI OEY!
(yeah i know it's not weekend but weekend is busy time so ..)

do you guys already tried out Kopi Oey, well it's naturally a Kopi Tiam. i mean, if you looked at some Kopi Tiam in Mall or restaurant, it's must be in a very fine restaurant in common people.
for Kopi Oey it's different.
what differs it is the Interior and the choice of language in the menu, it's unique, cause it's adopt the real conventional kopi tiam.

quite unique eh?

before we go to real feast, let's take a look at the interior

Kopi Tiam is from Chinese, as Tiam means Shop, so it literally means, Coffee Shop
and look at those cute interior~ it's as if we go back to time and experienced real Kopi Tiam back then :D

and here we go the real deal feast !
it contains Croquette and Crab noodle with Ice Cappucino

the Croquette is delicious as those delicate creamy inside it melted in your tounge
even though the design is commonly used but it's alright
i personally love croquette after all
sorry for the price i forgot already because it's been a while since i went there and eat croquette, it's about IDR 15-20k if i remembered well o.o

here's the Crab Noodle, well the Crab noodle is almost like common noodle we have already knew.
it got chewy noodles, and it's tasty !
the price is around IDR 35-38K 

guess what is this? they provide us with Prata and Chicken Curry too !
:9 it's tasty too as it didn't as delicious as the Kopitiam at Mal Kelapa Gading.
but still if you craving Roti Prata you can found them here
now i'm totally forgotten this menu price :(

this is soto tangkar. quite tasty for my bf but for me nah--

this is umm . nasi goreng rawon if i'm not mistaken. already a long time ago, so i forgot lol

anddd the most of all delicious menu from Kopi Oey is ...

Roti Prantjis Bakar !
i really love this baked toast !!!!!
it's totally delicious with the cinnamon for the topping !
the toast is so delicate and soft, on the top ofthat, the maple syrup really go well with it
you really should try this ! for real !
this is about IDR 35k
the most favorite menu of all in this Kopi Oey

well i guess this is the end of my review
overall Kopi Oey is 4/5
becausei really love to go there
for the cappucino and roti prantjis bakar <3



  1. Now this looks so delicious, yummy, yummy.

  2. Love your post dear! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

  3. Great Post! It's been a long while since I last visited! :)

    How have you been??

  4. yeahh it's a long time since i posted something too !
    i'm great ! how bout you?? xD

  5. okaaay !! lets follow each other !

  6. yes it is !! :3 yuummmm

  7. I'm doing great too! How's your weekend?

    1. ahh my disqus crashed :(
      and sorry for long no replyinggg
      how are you again :p


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