Sunday, December 22, 2013

Say Hello To The World

greeting everyone !

my name is Ratna Xiu, you can call me xiu or xion, it's my pen name .
i'll write my opinion about everything and i'll post it here, so if you have something in common then i'll be very grateful if you comment and recommend me something, i'll give my review about that .

so i'll tell you about my interest


basically, i'm interested in drawing which is my hobby since i'm at kindergarten, i love anything about art especially landscape, anime, and manga.


after i went to high school, i kinda started and fell in love with dancing and music, genre that i like are Pop, RnB, J-Pop, K-Pop, i'm covering some song and dance but i don't record it because my voice is ... oh well whatever, and for dance, no one can help me to record it, since i couldn't record it by myself . but oh well..


i fell in love with makeups since college, i kinda amazed with the power of makeups and it kinda like maaaggiiiccccc~ so basicly i like to watch some makeup tutorial, i prefer korean looks and natural daily looks, i'd love cosplay makeup too ! and i'm gonna learn cosplay look, since i love cosplay


watching movies, korean dramas, korean variety shows, japanese doramas and anime is another hobby that i hardly get the time to spend since my time spent for doing another thing. but i always spare my time to watch Running Man, since my brother always ask and accompany me to watch it .


food and beverages . no one could resist food and beverages ! everyone will die if they don't eat, we must eat and drink ! but the options for every each person is different, some like asian food, and some like western more. me? i couldn't resist one of them, since i'd love to eat and drink anything, as long as it isn't spicy (mint doesn't count!) but there's spicy food that i can barely bear. ah ! i can cook some foods too lol


happy life i found it since i got to college, its not that i didn't have happy life before that, but i just got to appreciate life more than before, the old me that always complaining, "why she's prettier? why everybody mocking me? why i'm like this? life could be better, right?" and then the new me is like "i don't give a sh*t to everything, i'm happy already and i got so many ways to maintain my happiness, so i don't have to complain anything, so many people got rougher life, and i really thankful that i've gifted so many things that most people haven't" and it's all thanks to Buddha Dharma . what? you ask me how to get it ? go help your surrounding, and you'll get a happy life.


did i mention that i love anime and manga? i have an anime shop, named Dattebayo Shop but i'll cut it to Datte Shop . i sell so many cosplay and figma stuff, check the albums in the facebook~

that's it, wait for my next post <3 !
Tha Tha For Now !

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  1. Wow your drawing is really good!
    I'm bad at drawing :S haha


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