Friday, December 27, 2013

Those Herbal Medicine ! AMG

Yeay hello everyone . this annoying girl . well .. *sigh* *ahem* is come back !

This time i'm gonna share about a medicine that i desperately searching for, but then the fact is that medicine is near around me is just make me feel happy and at the same time .. dumb ...

So basically, i got a problem with my skin which is "scars-that-won't-just-disappear" . i don't know anymore what medicine i should take, because going to a beauty doctor will cost me so much money and i just haven't employed because i'm still studying at college .

And then, i was playing with my friend and suddenly my wushu-senior-who-has-many-scars came and joined us, i asked him about those scars he got, why he got them, and why it won't disappear, i'm just too curious because i got the same problem too, but mine is not as many as him. and then he tell me that he got Prurigo (sweet blood or maybe in Indonesia we call it Darah Manis), "if you got a cut and it won't heal fast, or the scars just won't go off, that means you got prurigo"

Aaand it is something that i didn't know before .. 

but then he just tell me the secret to get rid of it . "it is a herbal medicine called Brotowali (wtf) Tinospora crispa (L.) and it bitter taste just won't go off in a week", aaandd i just go like "a week, huh?" (but it is not, i have already drank it)

so i just say thanks to him, and i go google-ing it, to search more information...

it's been a month since those story happens, because he say that brotowali is hard to find, AND IT CONTINUES TODAY

i wake up at 8 o'clock today *which mean i'm overslept*
and then suddenly the herbal medicine seller (read: Tukang Jamu) appear, my housemaid asked if i want some . and i order my usual herbal medicine (Kunyit Asam), anndd suddenly i remembered about those Brotowali thingy. i asked the seller and she said "ohh bitter medicine? i got one (ooohh pahitan? ada kok)" . and then i got oneee .. DDAANGG !!

yeah the green and black color from the medicine, kinda looks like poisonous drink (lol)

Have i mentioned before about the taste? yesh.. the taste is VERY BITTER even though it is a little bit transparent, i couldn't imagine if the medicine boiled until it is very dark ...

SO THAT'S IT LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, if you got Prurigo, all you need to do is drink some of this, but don't forget after drink this, you must directly drink or eat sweets to prevent the bitter taste spreading in your mouth . and always take care of your skin, don't eat sweets too many .

Tha Tha For Now~

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