Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bekasi Feast - 3Cooks

It's February 2017 and i want to say Gong Xi Fa Chai everyone. Yesterday, i had dinner with my brother at one of the most new cafe in the town : 3Cooks. For your information, i've already lived in Bekasi and there's rarely cute cafes around my area, and i'm excited to know Bekasi already have progress in their development, it means there'll be probably more cute cafes arriving in this city. Yeay !

3Cooks is a cafe built in the end of 2016 and they got pack of customers already. My brother is the one that suggest me to go there, because he tried it with his friends first, and he said it was a nice place with good food there, and i didn't say he's wrong, it is a good place indeed.

This cafe is very recommended for both youngster or elder to hangout since they got a pretty decent food that both can enjoy, they got Chinese, Indonesian, and Western food, but i think they lack of their menu and need to add more of it.

I'm ordered Spaghetti Carbonara, because i got ulcer really bad and i'm avoiding eat any fried things (if i didn't got this, i probably ordered fish and chips). It tasted good, the cream and spaghetti texture is okay, but the smoked beef is a little bit hard to chew, but still ok, so i'm giving this a 7,5/10. Price is 35k.

My brother ordered Chicken Sambal Matah Ricebowl. It was worth 25k. I couldn't taste of it because i can't stand spicy food so i asked him how it is, and he said it was nice, the seasoning is good but sadly, there's less chicken there. 7.5/10 too for this.

3Cooks got more beverages menu and i only could try Vanilla Latte (sorry without photo). it was pretty good too, glad to know such good cafe with good coffee around me.
I definitely be back soon to this place to taste more of their menu, might as well updating this blog.
And for you guys information, who stayed in Bekasi and want to throw a party, they got a party package with minimum 50person - 70k/pax.

Thank you for staying in tune


Ratna Xiu

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