Thursday, November 9, 2017

Jakarta Timur Vintage Coffee Shop : Torry Coffee

It's been weeks since i met my beloved friends, and we decided to meet up in one of their places. Before i went, me and my bff decided to visit some fancy cafe nearby, and i finally got to know Torry Coffee from Go-Food exploring.

The place was nice and comfy, music didn't play loud, and there's a lot of food to choose from. The highlight of the place was, the vintage feel! It was definitely instagrammable for those who like "foto ala-ala", i recommend it. (and it was the first reason we got here, i already searched this place on instagram)

Sooo, i ordered like cheese burger for about 30k and Iced Coffee Hazelnut for 29k and.. *drumrolls*
The cheese burger is tasty, not to the point it made me wow, but it worth the money, rather than those junk food out there with same price, different quality ofc (3.5/5)

I'm a bit disappointed for my Ice Coffee Hazelnut turns out to be very watery and i couldn't really taste the strong coffee, and the milk thickness :( i wish they're reading this and come out to serve better coffee <3 (3/5)

Most of all, the interior place is the winner! (4.5/5)
- Indoor cafe is too small but it's probably because there's mostly smoking customers there, so the outdoor needs to be larger.

But i think i got wrong setting for my camera, turns out the result quite darker on PC than when i shoot it :(

Hope you guys find this post helpful <3
See you on my next post

Torry Coffee

Jl. Raya Kalimalang Blok I

Duren Sawit, RT.2/RW.16

Jakarta Timur 13420

(021) 86603680

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