Friday, March 16, 2018

Singapore Haul : Best Salted Egg Fish Skin Snack??!

Singapore is acknowledged by its salted egg sauce and spices (although here in Indonesia we have salted egg). I got to visit Singapore in this week, and whenever i go, i always saw salted egg snacks in every convenience stores. So i decided to taste every single one! (probably not all) and share with all of you guys about my experience

1. KaizoCool Brand

As you can see from the packaging is bright blue and cute, the picture is Pirate because it came from word Kaizoku (means Pirate in japanese) so Kaizocool it is...
Taste : just B, it's lack so many elements from what should a salted egg spices do, probably because it doesn't hold much of the spices
Price : SGD 7.3
Rate : 2.5/5 (still edible though)

2. Golden Crisps Fragrance

The packaging is quite okay, Orange color with fish skin on the bottom.. found this in Jurong East Mall
Taste : not bad,but still lack of something, it has kinda sweet umami taste but still a bit miss strength of the taste
Price : SGD 7
Rate : 3/5

3. The Golden Duck 

Okay, this one pretty popular as the best dupe of Irvin's, whenever people can't get their hands on Irvin probably landed on this one cause they had similar taste and it's pretty good. I like the packaging because it kinda simple and classic.
Taste : Pretty good! No wonder everyone loved this too, it has strong taste and a bit spicy, the crisps is also good
Price : SGD 7.3
Rate : 4.5/5

4. Irvins

Now this is the main boss, i'm afraid that i must say that this is the best for now, but some says that The Golden Duck taste better. Irvin is acknowledged, popular, and they got their very own booth everywhere and always get people queuing from it isn't opened yet
Taste : Very good, it suits my taste very well and it got the flavour super good.
Price : SGD 16
Rate : i want to give it 5/5 but since it is too pricey i suggest i'll give it 4/5 . huhuhu

so what do you guys think? which one you liked the most? let me know, share and comment below ok?

see you on the next post

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