Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Polkadot !

hello ! it's been a long time
welcome September yeah, and goodbye my holidays
well it wasn't a really holidays, i went for a part time work, but at least i'm not doing anything related to study (LOL)
so i just want to share something smell like fashion (influenced by another blog i'm following yeah, all about fashion)
Blue Polkadot dress by Blossom Fact. Outlet

place? oh the place is at Hotel Seruni 3, Cisarua, Bogor
near Taman Safari.
the place is so awesome and beautiful ~

so after the Bandung Trip, my father suddenly woke me up and my brother and then said that we're going to Puncak and have some last holiday there
at first i'm like "ehhh why so sudden--" because i feel like i want to rest in last day of holiday doing nothing at home (such a lazy ass i am)

so we packed up and ready to go, we're going to stay at Seruni Hotel
the traffic isn't so bad since we're going to Puncak at 4 August which means people are going to work apparently .

and then here we are laa ~

it's been 1 month ago and i'm just posting this now, so lame huh -_-
but at least i'm posting rather i'm not

Day 2 .
all white collar top
Blue Polkadot skirts (+with pants inside) 

how do i look like? hahaha
anyway thank you for reading ! <3

will always love to have comments from you guys



  1. love polkadots! rock it girl


  2. aw yeahh <3 so into polkadots nowadays :9


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