Monday, September 1, 2014

Review : Etude House Blemish Balm Cream

hello it's been a long time since i'm blogging about skin care or make up

let's start with Etude BB Cream first <3

i know you guys must've knew this product since it's famous in Asia and the Korean culture is now booming so it make this BB cream famous (for a long time i guess)
for me myself, i'm already using my first Etude BB cream 1 tube full and this one is my 2nd tube.
i just want to blog it now, because i'm already using this for a long time, i'm not going to blog something that i'm just using once or twice because i'm not going to recognize what's the differences in my skin lol
give me about 2 months laa . but i guess it's already so late since i'm start using it 2 years ago

it's pump type of tube so it's practical, and ready to use anytime x)
the texture is smooth and soft .
but since it's BB cream, it's not recommended for oily skin actually,
it will make your skin more oily o.o
(but i'm somewhat like to use it because it's so easy to use rather than 2 way cake even i have oily skin)
and it's good for covering your face spot !

bamm . looks like this lol
it's around IDR 400k lol i forgot . but i usually buy it when my birthday lol
(discount 50% for every member's birth month and only valid for 1 day in that month)

PRO's :
-easy to use
-have somewhat peanut smell
-good for covering spot (but if you put it thick)
-1 tube for about 1,5 years use
waterproof (?)

  CON's :
-not recommended for oily skin

it's 4,5/5
what do you think?
if you had some experience of Etude House BB cream please comment below or make sure you leave links about your experience <3


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