Sunday, June 1, 2014

Trip To Bandung Day Two ~

welcome back to the continued part from Trip To Bandung Day One ~
yes after the day one, we fell asleep and then it's a bright new day
we woke up at 7 a.m, get ready, clean up and packing all of our stuffs before we depart from villa
before we depart, we ate chicken porridge as our breakfast :9
and i bought some berries such as strawberry and mulberry

well i just bought 2 box of them o.o

BEFORE WE DEPART, photo is a must lol

well there is Clara and Indri photos but i don't have any in my album so yeah -__-
will definitely ask for them for their pic

after that we check out from villa and good bye VIB ! next trip we may meet again :D
the first destination on that day is Floating Market, Lembang

it's been a while since i got here, well about 1 year ago
the place was so big and there's a lake (ofc it is, it's floating market anw)
the ticket price isn't too expensive it's IDR 10k and we got Welcome Drink that you can choose from Nescafe Cafe Latte, Milo, or Lemon Tea
and what special from this place is, lot of SNACKS heree !

Potato Twister
Green Banana Dessert (Es Pisang Ijo)
Fried Banana
Flour Fried Tempeh (Tempe Mendoan)
and many moree !

this is the coin that we use for transaction, you can purchase it on the cashier

the evidence for potato twister, welcome drink and es pisang ijo

after that still selfies all day long

Mr.Flat's expression

what r u looking at?

Ines and Potato Twister

after we have snacks, in floating market there is Kampung Leuit
honestly i never been there, this is the first time o.o

and the place is cute like a farm and so many plants and animal there

cute rabbiitt !!

tiny turtle we found there, and it's worth IDR 30k o.o

selfied all over and over here and there lol :D
well, i don't think this is embarrassing, because a lot of selfies can turn out to be sweet nostalgic moment that you can remember and cherish when you turn old, or maybe as long as you live .
cherish this moment as our lovely trip that bring us laughter and happiness, don't you think so?

surely nice to have friends like them, let's arrange next trip, kay :D

after we have fun in Kampung Leuit, we go to our next destination Paris Van Java
what do we do there? we had lunch before depart to Jakarta .
we had lunch in Richeese Factory, Paris Van Java
well i don't take any picture there because i don't think i would blog this before
but here i am blogging this so, i think next time whatever i eat, i must take a picture of it and the place.

after lunch, we go to PVJ Garden, well, it's not like the garden is big, but it's minimalis garden <3

what inside it?


well it's had goat, rabbit, bird and so on, but nah, i didn't capture it .
in fact, the sheep is so cute, i couldn't barely resist to capture them !

so uh well that was our trip .

Special Thanks to :
Stephen who driving the car patiently while we just sitting in the back and tease him (and Shendy) all the way lol
Shendy who capture almost 3/4 picture that contained in my blog
Ines, Clara, Indri that always remembered to selfie all way long (whut--)



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  1. happy time,you all look so cute

    just enjoy your unique life

    Your lovely Poppy:

  2. It looks fun!!
    I hope you have blast!!!


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