Thursday, May 29, 2014

Trip To Bandung Day One ~

at least i can manage my time to blog ! it's been a long time since i blogged something i remembered? ;_;
yeah, it's because the schedule is so busy lately
and then in the middle of business (read: before 6th semester's final exam)
we managed to have a trip to bandung 2 days 1 night !
let me introduce my gang here :

from left to right : Shendy, Clara, Indri, Me, Ines, Stephen

from left to right : Clara, Indri, Me, Ines

so we decided to gather at 8 a.m in our campus and then we depart, but unfortunately we had issues so we got to depart at 10 a.m . at 11 a.m we stop by in rest area to have brunch . yeah, breakfast-lunch if you don't know :3

after that we depart againn ~ (managed to do selfies in traffic, at the first picture lol)
 and finally stop in the city at 1 p.m . and then we got to search for inn and hotel, but we didn't found any cheap but neat hotel since it was friday and it count as weekend :(
but at last we found villa in Villa Istana Bunga, Lembang .
of course it didn't work well at the first time .
 Stephen did the administration so we could get our villa there .
and while we waiting for him, yeah another selfies and photos again :
this is not a selfie, shendy took the picture

this is the "behind-the-scene" of selfie

the "oh-my-god" expression of Stephen Setyadi 

wooopss . shendy's face got blurred o.o

yeah it's clear already, let's take another picture again ! :D

 faill -__-

cute flower :3 everywhere since the place named Villa Istana Bunga ( Flower Palace Villa)
so they really have so many kind of flowers

cute isn't it :3
the photo is authorized by shendy :3

let's move to the villa itself . after some administration thingy
we clean up and rest a bit, kinda sad that we don't have any time left for the day :(
next trip we will plan it carefully !

COLOKAN everywhere with T branch connected each other
this is Smartphone Era

(the evidence of smartphone era)

OKAY over for selfies in the villa
let's move move move to the next destination,
Kampung Daun, Lembang
we want to have dinner there, and Kampung Daun is famous for sight-seeing place and delicious traditional Sundanese food

cool sight at night :3

we sit at such as small gazebo or balai-balai,
unfortunately the place for 6 person is actually on waiting list so we decided to take the 4 person place instead :3 . it's comfortable too i guess .

it's blurred because the camera couldn't absorb the light well but at least it can be seen :p

and then after hours there having dinner, we decided to go back to villa since we already tired

sleep? NO !
me and Ines do something together because we inspired by Love is An Open Door covered by 2 guys in the car that show up on 

so we make the same video, but unfortunately it didn't work as good as the cover
but at least we managed to try and this could be our very moment :p

get ready to record ! lol

okay that's it for the first day :D

see you soon at part 2 - Trip To Bandung Day Two !

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