Monday, March 10, 2014

Food for Survive !

have you ever feel hungry but there isn't any food home?
or have you feel there's so much food that you grew bored of it?

well i have something for you to share !
you can try this at home,
or maybe some of you have tried this before

this magnificent food i named
"Sweet Soft Cracker Snack" 

the sighting :

looks like simple, but taste delicious for a surviving food yeah ..


Malkist Cracker ( Indonesian Product)
but if you're not living in indonesia, other cracker maybe a good choice


aaandd ..  Boiled Water

How to Make?

simply put the cracker in the plate, add the boiled water
wait until the cracker expand (uh how to explain lol)
about 5-10 minutes
and add sugar after that
i prefer to add water again after that because i love it like that

and done !

this surviving food is taught by my mom when i was toddler, mom make me porridge from cracker like that
i love my mom so much <3

and now i'm in a state that my university gave me so much work to do i haven't got any time for playing lately so i just make 2 post at once when i got time T_T
so much asshitment kill me omg

anw thanks for reading !!!
make sure you try this loolll


  1. wow! looks yummy.. I want to try It! thanks!! Im Follow you..
    please visit my blog.. :)

  2. nice :)

  3. I love eating cracker with condensed milk. Similar as yours I think. Anyway, I just found your blog and really like it! Would you like to follow each other to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks :) xx

    1. thankie so much sisterr !
      wow i thought it just me o.o some people has tried it too o.o

      sureee . will follow u :)

  4. it looks fun
    I think that's is something easy to try on


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