Monday, February 10, 2014

Review Dessert : Kenny Rogers Roaster's Classic Cheese Cake

ellow everyone :3
sorry for late post ! how was ur day??
i'm in mood to review about dessert that i was trying about a day after CNY
Classic Cheese Cake

(and maybe my blog will full of desserts i think o.o)

I got my day off in saturday after Chinese New Year, so i decided to go dinner with my bf in Kenny Rogers Roaster at Grand Galaxy Park, Bekasi . It's a new mall in Bekasi . The place might not so big, but it's neat and nice place to hang out <3
There's a lot of well-known restaurant there . and fyi, it's developed by Agung Sedayu Group, which is developer of Pantai Indah Kapuk and Mall of Indonesia ~

what did i just blurteddd .. back to the topicc !!

kay so, where was i ? oh yes, dinner ..
we ordered a Kenny's Half Meal and a cheese cake, but the main topic i want to review is that Classic Cheese Cake simply brought my tongue to the sky (hahahhaa loooll too dramatic, too alay)

"A classic baked cheese cake that is rich in taste but light in texture"
yes ! that so right ! and the price is worthy enough, around IDR 25.000
since my bf is a cheese cake lover too, he definitely love this one !
it's delicious and very recommended :D

okay, i think it's enough :p
i will review more dessert loooll .
byeeeppppp xoxo

Kenny Rogers Roaster Grand Galaxy Park
Jalan Grand Galaxy Boulevard No 1 GB 3A
17147 Bekasi SelatanJR
Phone: 021 - 29613146


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