Tuesday, June 30, 2015

AEON Mall : Japanese Culture Mall

oh hi mom ! <3

finally i got the time to visit the most happening mall this month ha-HA ! i begged my parent to go there (because yeah, i don't have license yet, and dad doesn't trust me to drive a car) -___-

IT'S SUPER CROWDED !!! like wth, all the Jakarta people (or maybe others as well) are gathering here, it's only a super market but . pheeewww .. i see sea of people 


they're choosing what should they take ~

apparently this is what they want to take, french fries cheese melt :9 

market everywheree

this is that soft ice cream i want to buy, it's mini stop's, but my stomach is so grumbling want to eat something first so in the end i just didn't bought it at all :(

it's promotion product but still, it's too cheaapp for 20 pieces of sushi <3
and i missed this box, i actually want to buy more T___T
you can purchase this set of sushi at the supermarket :9

AEON got an outdoor park too~

hahahaha forgive my "pretend-to-be-cool" style eating Taiyaki

sooooo, we had dinner at SAGAMI restaurant and i order like a set of their signature menu
forgot the name lol but it's 110K, and you get salmon sashimi, soba, salmon sushi, salad and tempura

i ate so much sushi !! and don't forget to eat the salad and the sushi's garnish because it's the anti bacteria. remember that man that got an accident because eating too much sashimi right . yes you need to eat sashimi along with Gari, Soyu, and Wasabi !! :9 

this one is my brother menu, Curry Rice and it's so delicious, it's only about 48K ~

not too pricey?

so that's the AEON Journey, it's not a complete jurney because i didn't have any time to take a look all of it.
in the way home, AEON Parking is really bad !! the system isn't working so people just like drive like it's their own way, and ended up stucking each other, until the officer make the way, from in to out, so we got two way out of that HELL-ish parking lot !!!

love the food, but re-visit, nah, maybe next time on weekdays, hahahha


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